Skip Grisham

An Artist

An Artist

My entrance into the art world started on a deep sea fishing trip. I had become so bored that I went to a craft store and bought a set of watercolors. I had never painted and had no formal training and ended up with some really bad watercolors of - what else? - fish. Even though they were pretty bad, I had truly enjoyed the process. On my return to Chicago I went straight to an art supply store and bought sets of oils, acrylics, brushes, and canvases. I became obsessed with painting and explored all mediums. I never showed anyone my work, but rather hid it away in a closet. I started going to galleries and museums. The Art Institute was an amazing experience. When I discovered Dali and Magritte I could not believe the amazing detail and subject matter.

After many years of being a closeted painter, I showed a few friends my work. To my surprise they liked my paintings. I live in a historic district of Chicago in a great loft and decided to have my first show. I was so nervous and excited about showing my artwork. I sold twenty two paintings that night and was so shocked people had responded so positively. Four art shows later, three in Chicago and one in Santa Monica, I have sold over ninety paintings and placed some in great collections. For a self taught artist who grew up in a small town in Texas, this has been an amazing journey of discovery.

On the other side of my life, I went to NYU as a theatre major. I worked at CBS for founder Bill Paley and then-President Frank Stanton before moving to Chicago. I had done some modeling in New York and continued in Chicago where I enjoyed success. My print agent, knowing of my theatre background, asked me one day if I could stage a fashion show. How hard could that be, I thought. What ensued was a thirty year career of producing and directing one of the oldest and largest fashion events in the country. All these roads were never planned, but now traveled. I wouldn't change a day and am ever grateful for all the opportunities I've been blessed with in this life.

I'm so happy to share and offer my art with you here on this website.

Most of the paintings on this website are offered for sale. You may request a complete Price List of Skip Grisham's work by using the CONTACT page.